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The Neighborhood


Capitol Hill Living

 Diverse Capitol Hill is packed with hip bars, eateries and gay clubs, plus laid-back coffee shops and indie stores. Volunteer Park, atop the hill in a historic mansion district, has walking trails, a plant conservatory, panoramic city views and the art deco Asian Art Museum. It abuts Lake View Cemetery, where the city’s founders (and Bruce Lee) are buried. Kids play in the wading pool at smaller Cal Anderson Park.  




Bus transit service to and within Capitol Hill is provided by King County Metro, including electric trolleybus routes 10, 12, 43 and 49 of the Seattle trolleybus system. The First Hill Streetcarline, which opened in January 2016, terminates in the neighborhood.

The Capitol Hill station of Link Light Rail opened in March 2016, as part of the University Link extension. A large 3-building development is currently under construction above the light rail station, with construction estimated to be complete in 2020.




The neighborhood figures prominently in nightlife and entertainment, with many bars hosting live music and with numerous fringe theatres. Most of the Hill's major thoroughfares are dotted with coffeehouses, taverns and bars, and residences cover the gamut from modest motel-like studio apartment buildings to some of the city's most historic mansions, with the two types sometimes shoulder-to-shoulder. 

In addition to Volunteer Park, parks on the Hill include the exquisite fountain and lawn themed Cal Anderson Park, Louisa Boren Park, Interlaken Park, Roanoke Park, and Thomas Street Park. Lake View Cemetery, containing the graves of Bruce Leeand his son Brandon Lee, lies directly north of Volunteer Park, and the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery north of it in turn.